Jeep Street Comanche Registry

The resurrection of #24 has begun...

build log last updated 28April2018 but work again in progress

Welcome all!

THIS SITE IS NOW RETIRED - No further updates will be made.

All Street Comanche content now resides here:

Please visit the Comanche Club for updates and further information.

This site is dedicated to the single model year issue of the Jeep Street Comanche. Hopefully to become a site for folks who own really any kind of Jeep to drop pictures, swap details, share technical info and generally just speak Jeep! But ESPECIALLY welcomed are you owners of those super rare Street Comanches! We're a VERY exclusive club!

I plan to do all I can to get a running history of as many of those original 100 as possible.

Other than speaking a variety of English languages, I speak MJ, SJ, XJ, and WK, only because I haven't owned a Willys, or an FC, a DJ, an FJ, or a VJ, or any of the bobtail Jeeps (CJ, YJ, TJ, or JK) or a ZJ or any of the other J's & K's....but I ain't dead yet, so you never can tell.

Of course this site is a work in progress and I work and I maintain Jeeps, so website progress IS slow. But don't hesitate to submit info to to help build this into an educational and entertaining resource.

Street Comanches prefer opensource software like openSuSE and Ubuntu!